I am a Senior Lecturer (c) Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems at the University of Lincoln (U.K.), in the School of Computer Science, and a member of the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems.

My research interests are broadly in the overlap between developmental cognitive robotics and social human-robot interaction.

There are two main themes to my research: Memory-Centered Cognition, and Human-Robot Interaction. While these may seem to be quite separate topics, I feel that in the long term, it is necessary to combine them, resulting in Social Cognitive Robots. These are both interesting and necessary for two primary applications: (1) making social robots more useful in assisting people in their daily lives, and (2) making use of cognitive robots as exploratory tools/platforms to investigate cognition and social behaviour to better understand ourselves as humans.


August 2017: I'm currently at the 3rd Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction, where I've presented some of the nuts and bolts of experimental HRI, and reporting standards. It's more interesting than it sounds...

May 2017: I'm very happy to serve as the Theory and Methods theme chair at HRI 2018, which will be held in Chicago. Paper submission deadline is the 6th of October, so plan your papers!

April 2017: I've moved office and now reside in the new Isaac Newton Building, along with the rest of the School of Computer Science. For all office hours and drop-in sessions, please find me in INB3119 (unless otherwise stated).

March 2017: I'm hiring! As part of the collaborative RASberry project (with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences), I'm currently advertising for a fully funded (for UK/EU) PhD position to work on Human-Robot Interaction in agricultural settings (specifically robots fetching and carrying for people picking strawberries grown in polytunnels). There are a range of other positions open on a variety of topics for this project too, so please contact me and take a look at the job posting!